Thinking of buying Turbotex?

Many readers have asked me about Turbotex advanced training in recent days.

They wanted to know my opinion, if I recommend, if this training can generate good results, etc.

So, I decided to create a brief analysis for you, reader of the Blog Automation of Followers .

Let’s start?

First of all, to think about the course itself, we need to understand that today social networks increase sales and billings of the company .

social networks increase sales
Subject of Exame Magazine of 2014 warning about the importance of social networks.

Now let’s think : If in 2014 social networks were already seen as important, imagine now in full year 2017?

Companies, businesses and professionals who do not use social networks effectively are failing to earn enough money .

Understanding this point, now we can talk about Turbotex.

Turbotex Training: What It Is, What It Teaches And Why You Should Do It

If you still have no idea what Turbotex is, I recommend that you go to the official website ( click here to access ).

There you will have a little more information and you can still watch some lectures on digital marketing on social networks for free.


The Turbotex training was designed to help you, who have a business (regardless of size) , use social networks to attract customers and increase their revenue.

There is every 6 months, new social networks are launched and viralizam or else a big change occurs in one of the social networks and you need to learn all over again how to use effectively …

The idea of ​​training is to decrease your learning curve .

Through classes with leading experts in the country and the largest reference of new media, Ana Tex, you will have the possibility to dominate social networks and transform their profiles into a machine to attract customers .

Some benefits of mastering social networks:

  • You will be seen as a reference / authority in your marketplace;
  • You will be more present in the lives of your potential customers and partners;
  • You’ll increase your company’s revenue by selling more products and services over social networks.

Do you think all this is a joke? Check out the video that Fernanda Puntel recorded.

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Turbotex: The Domain of the Latest Social Networks

Well, you understand that using social networking is a great way to increase your company’s revenue.

What if, in addition to using just a social network , you had mastery and mastery over all the best social networks ?

Imagine that, today, you use one or two anyway and even make a few more or less sales.

But using the correct way, you can do as Fernanda in the video above and increase from 2 to 12 the number of weekly customers coming from just a social network .

In the TurboTex course, you will learn how to use the following social:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Periscope
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIN
  • Whatsapp
  • SlideShare
  • Blogs
  • Hangouts
  • etc

Imagine the number of customers who are thirsting for your products and services on these various social networks?

All you need to do, is know how to appear efficiently for those potential customers.

And that’s exactly what the training will help you with! 🙂

turbotex results how it works
Exame Magazine’s Issue on How Instagram Increased Billing

Who is the Head of the Course?

anatexWell, you have definitely understood that Instagram and other social networks are 100% responsible for increasing sales and revenue in business and businesses.

And no one is better than the biggest media expert to teach you how to use social media in the right way.

The creator and facilitator of the training will be Ana Tex , who has given a presentation at the best and largest Digital Marketing events in Brazil, as well as being the author of several trainings.

The goal of Ana Tex is to convey in a simple and direct, all the strategies used by the largest companies in the Market for you, who want to increase their income with the digital networks.

In her social networks, Ana is followed by hundreds of thousands of people who see her, a great mentor and expert with several promising techniques to generate results.

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Turbotex Testimonials: Customer Reviews

Easier than hearing what I have to say, is hearing the opinion of customers who bought Ana Tex’s training.

Among several videos of people who share their results, I separated these 2 videos so as not to leave this analysis too big and boring to be read.

First, I separated the video from Chef Helena Jang.

She tells you a bit about her results and how she won her first 1,000 real followers and engaged in only 15 days of training.

Besides this video, I also separated another one that I liked quite a lot, Coach Renata Andrade .

Like most, she also lived almost 100% in the offline market. Using and applying the techniques learned in Turbotex, she increased the expansion and results as Coach.

These 2 videos are just a few of the many that you can find on the official website ( click here to access ).

As I had said, I only decided to separate a few, to show you that this can be rather a watershed in the disclosure of your products.

Now it’s up to you!

You have seen that social networking is key to increasing the incomes of small, medium and large businesses.

You also saw that this training works and can teach you many proven and effective techniques.

It remains to be heard from you:

  • Do you want to continue having the same results you have now or want to increase and generate more sales and potential customers using social networks?

It’s your decision.

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